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Ways to use Sound Page to grow your audience

Use #1: Use as your podcast's primary home on the web

You need somewhere on the web for folks to discover your podcast, especially for people who aren't already regularly listening to podcasts. Tons of people don't even know what podcasts are. But they know what a website is. Your Sound Page profile updates automatically – all you have to do is publish your podcast as you always do and your episodes get updated.

You can target your own domain name to your Sound Page site too.

We take care of all the SEO best practices, mobile responsiveness, social media meta data and analytics – automatically.

See example!

Use #2: Embed player into your existing website

If you already have a website that your mom agrees is really sweet, you can embed the Sound Page player just like you would embed a YouTube player. It has share buttons and special URLs for each chapter so each segment can be shared and discussed on social media. Look mom!

Use #3: Display transcripts

Use Sound Page as your transcription platform. Sound Page automatically transcribes (it requires some editing to get up to magazine quality, but still pretty cool). It timestamps everything so your listeners can click on a paragraph and playback starts from there.