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Set up procedure:
“RSS and chill”

All you need to do to get set up is copy/paste your RSS feed URL into your Sound Page settings. All of your episodes will be imported into the system. Your account will be kept in-sync with your RSS feed automatically, so you don't have to update yet another profile when you publish new episodes.

Once you are set up...

1. Annotate

Open one of your automatically imported episodes into the visual editor and quickly add section headings, images, links and pull quotes to the episode's timeline.

One time, an early user was using the system for the first time and they said "This is so cool!"

2. Share

Show off your stylish profile (ex. or specific episodes (ex.

If you prefer to use your current website, grab the embed code for your episode. It works just like a YouTube video.

System overview

Learn more about how Sound Page works under the hood and what you can do with it.

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