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Are You Game Episode 4

Nov 04, 2017
It's time for episode 4! In this episode, the chaps discuss the funniest games they've ever played (well, Lindsay and James do), James talks about kicking his biggest gaming addiction, explores a haunted mansion, and Shaun builds an empire in only 8 minutes. This episodes games: The Simpsons Tapped Out: Betrayal At House On The Hill: Eight-Minute Empire:

Are You Game Episode 3

Oct 04, 2017
We're back for episode 3! This time, Lindsay tries to convince us that a Formula 1 game is worth playing (spoiler: he's not successful), James reveals his guilty gaming pleasure, and Shaun tries to survive in post-nuclear meltdown world. Plus the chaps discuss the game they would most like to live in. Today's games: (Lindsay) (James) (Shaun) Hopefully episode 4 will appear sooner than this one. Or it might not. Who knows, life is full of surprises!

Are You Game? Episode 2

Jul 03, 2017
In episode 2, Shaun introduces us to Beasts Of Balance, Lindsay talks about playing Subnautica, and James is excited about Everything. Listen to find out more!

Episode 1

Jun 11, 2017
Join Lindsay, Shaun and James for the first episode of a brand new podcast all about gaming on the table, television and tablet. In this first episode, they talk about their earliest gaming memories and what they've been playing recently. Enjoy, and leave us a nice review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts!