Recent episodes

15 July 2018: Our Journeys Are Not The Same

Jul 18, 2018
In our 8th episode supported by the Ford Foundation, Jillian talks with Mandisa Shandu. Mandisa is the Co-Director and an Attorney at the activist organisation Ndifuna Ukwazi - Xhosa for Dare to Know. A graduate of the University of Cape Town law school, she heads Ndifuna Ukwazi’s law clinic. Through her work, Mandisa seeks to advance urban land justice in the city of Cape Town by providing legal support and advocacy to communities and social movements. From a middle class family, Mandisa had every opportunity to ride the wave of the New South Africa towards corporate success. But she felt a different calling: she dared to know - and to act. Mandisa has made a career of stepping out of her comfort zone to fight for the dignity of her fellow South Africans. In our conversation, Mandisa takes us through her fight for equal access to housing, education and employment opportunities for all. Here is a driven social activist, with a clear sense of place in South Africa’s struggle for social justice – a struggle that Mandisa vividly describes as far from over.

27 May 2018: We Are All Migrants

May 27, 2018
In our 7th episode supported by the Ford Foundation, Jillian interviews Kaajal Ramjathan-Keogh. Kaajal is a human rights lawyer and executive director of the Southern Africa Litigation Centre. She operates on the frontline of courtrooms and refugee detention centres across Southern Africa, bringing justice and empathy to people whom most of us understand only through news headlines. At a time when many of us are retreating to our geographic corners and comfortable identities, Kaajal is navigating the middle ground. A space between “us and them”. A restorer of dignity and a voice for the voiceless, Kaajal works through the courts to help chart a principled path through increasingly difficult issues of identity and belonging.

4 May 2018: Changing the Course of Inevitability

May 04, 2018
In our sixth episode supported by the Ford Foundation, Jillian speaks with Melissa Fourie, the Executive Director of the Centre for Environmental Rights. The Centre’s mission is to advance environmental rights in South Africa – a country with stark social and economic inequalities. Environmental and human rights are tightly intertwined here, around issues like access to clean water and sanitation, freedom from pollution, and social justice campaigns against fracking and corporate waste. In this conversation, Melissa explores how – on the surface - her work protecting South Africa’s environment is actually advancing the rights of its people.

23 February 2018: Putting Discomfort at the Heart of Comfort

Feb 23, 2018
In our fifth episode supported by the Ford Foundation, Jillian speaks with Axolile Notywala and Mandisa Dyantyi, the Co-Directors of the Social Justice Coalition. SJC is a Cape Town-based organisation that works to advance the constitutional rights to life, dignity, equality, freedom and safety for all South Africans - but particularly those living in townships and informal settlements. Ax and Mandisa are passionate activists and leaders addressing issues of inequality in Cape Town, South Africa, and the world. They call themselves “The Terrible Two” but there’s nothing terrible about them: young, black, educated and driven by a deep sense of righteous purpose - they are South Africa’s greatest hope and representative of its most profound dilemma. How do you escape poverty and discrimination? And what happens when you return home and try to help others do the same?