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Instant setup

Enter your RSS URL and Site Builder automatically builds a site for you. Try it out.

Use any host

Site Builder works with any podcast host, so you can change hosts without losing your website. If you don't have a host / RSS feed or don't know what that is, Site Builder can help you with that too.

Auto-updating website

Site Builder checks your RSS feed for changes. When there's a new episode, or new artwork, it'll be on your site.

Domain mapping

If you have your own website address, you can use it with Site Builder.

Deluxe show notes

Get fancy and create episode timelines with chapters, images, links and transcripts. See example.

Sharing made easy

Site Builder makes it easy for your listeners to share your episodes or even chapters within an episode.

Web player for each episode

Share and embed your episodes anywhere, just like you would with a YouTube player.

Optimized for mobile

Your Site Builder looks great for your visitors no matter what device they're using.

On Pro accounts:

Integrate your favorite apps and services into the world's most connected podcast platform

Mail Chimp

Stay in touch with email subscribers using the leading email list management software. Collect email addresses. Send bulk email. Optional automatic email notification to subscribers whenever you publish a new episode.


Have an email address without leaving your familiar Gmail inbox. No new logins. Your custom email address delivers right to your Gmail.

Google Analytics

No need to use some random built-in stats system. Google Analytics is the industry standard and it plugs right into Site Builder.


Auto-tweet whenever you publish a new episode. And enable the Site Builder player to play right from Twitter.


Auto-post show image to Instagram whenever you release a new episode.


Auto-post whenever you publish a new episode. And make sharing your episodes beautiful with banner images and well-formed headings and descriptions. Give users a window into your episode, enticing them to click play.


If you have an educational podcast, make it easy for listeners to bookmark your show in Evernote with their own notes or using your show notes.