#72: Mystical Dream Interpretation for Dummies

Dec 14, 2018
Make dream conversations fun.

#71: The Sound of Mania

Dec 14, 2018
Apparently 80% of contemporary music is about romantic relationships.

#70: Super Boobies

Dec 13, 2018
It's not that easy to be super smart chimps. Give us a break, will ya!

#69: Isn't it Ironic?

Dec 12, 2018
Alanis raises a good question.

#68: Seeds of Curiosity

Dec 11, 2018
Things that you don't know anything about are boring.

#67: Preparing for Bananagrams Arguments

Dec 07, 2018
Is it a proper noun?

#66: Beginnings of Books

Dec 07, 2018
More beginnings of books.

#65: The Other 45 Ways To Leave Your Lover

Dec 05, 2018
A creative way to leave your lover.

#64: The Beginning of Slaughterhouse Five

Dec 05, 2018
The beginnings of Slaughterhouse Five, Girl at War, 100 Years of Solitude, Pride and Prejudice and other beginnings.

#63: Chimpanbees

Dec 04, 2018
Chimpanzees don't work together. Chimpanbees do.

#62: Ignorance is Bliss

Dec 04, 2018
A reason to reconsider trying to understanding your own psyche.

#61: Your Shadow

Dec 04, 2018
Just the coolest sounding thing in psychology. No big deal.

#60: Everything Happens for a Reason

Dec 04, 2018
It really does.

#59: The Chicken and Egg Question

Dec 04, 2018
The answer is obvious.

#58: Humiliating Dating

Dec 04, 2018
If you don't feel like being humiliated for a time, try "Creating not Dating"

#57: How Fire Works

Nov 19, 2018
Maybe you were wondering.

#56: Aunty Fungal

Nov 19, 2018
Mushrooms are closer related to us than the vegetables they are put next to in our grocery stores.

#52: We're All Gonna Put on the 2000 Miles

Nov 06, 2018
...whether we're zig-zagging around, or doing a long haul in one direction.

#51: Dreaming of Tooth Rot

Nov 06, 2018
Sometimes it's better to just look into it.

#50: For a Dollar a Day...

Nov 06, 2018
Billionaires aren't the only ones who aren't willing to help.

#49: Living 0.5 Seconds in the Past

Nov 06, 2018
A Grade 6-level science fair project that can trick anyone into loosing their grip on what's them and what's the outside world.

#48: Winning Arguments: The Fallacy-Fallacy Logical Fallacy

Nov 06, 2018
Another episode about arguing.

#47: Flower People

Oct 25, 2018
Possibilities for the last billion years of life on Earth.

#46: Winning Arguments: Straw Men

Oct 24, 2018
When people argue against a fake version of your perspective.

#45: Winning Arguments: Ad Hominem Attacks

Oct 24, 2018
How to defend yourself when someone makes the argument about you instead of about what you say.

#44: Don't Worry, You'll Always Have Problems

Oct 18, 2018
So many problems. But it's okay.

#43: Zero Gravity Pen

Oct 18, 2018
The quest to make a writing utensil that works in space.

#42: Slow Smiles

Oct 17, 2018
A tip for fake smilers.

#41: Fairy Tales

Oct 15, 2018
They are apparently distillations of truths about our psyches?

#40: Rock Your Day with Dave Navarro

Oct 15, 2018
The best way to get over someone ... is the best way to win them back.

#39: Confusion in the Chicken Coop

Oct 15, 2018
A glimpse into how we explain our actions, even when we couldn't possibly know why we did it.

#38: Good Reason / Real Reason

Oct 15, 2018
When it comes to motivations, there's the good reason and the real reason.

#37: Naive Realists

Oct 10, 2018
Beware of realists!

#36: What an FBI Agent Thinks of Your Drinking Glass

Oct 10, 2018
People watching gets more and more fun the more you know about people.

#35: XYZ

Oct 06, 2018
Something is wrong. Piece of shaped metal lower than it should be.

Carbon-Dioxide Is Not Just For Global Warming

Oct 05, 2018
... it's also handy for bubbles in your mouth.

#33: The Beginning of the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Oct 04, 2018
Literally the beginning of the book.

#32: Windows 95

Oct 02, 2018
Brian Eno wrote the music.

#31: The Ocean We Swim In

Oct 02, 2018
The question "What do you want?" asked repeatedly, brings people to tears.

#30: Downstream, Upstream

Sep 29, 2018
A canoeing miracle.

#29: Beginnings of Books: Mrs. Bridge

Sep 28, 2018
The beginning of Mrs. Bridge by Evan S. Connell.

#28: No Wimps on Neptune

Sep 27, 2018
Apparently, Generation Y is inheriting a horrific world. But it's hard to think of a better place to be.

#27: Monologue or Dialogue

Sep 25, 2018
Who are we talking to when we think our inner thoughts?

#26: Carrying Furniture Up Mountains

Sep 25, 2018
If you want to be tough, be tough.

#25: Enjoy Your Spreadsheets

Sep 21, 2018
One more thought about budgeting. If you can make it a game, it takes little willpower.

#24: The Invention of Gun Powder

Sep 21, 2018
Sometimes when you lose, you win!

#23: Radical Budgeting

Sep 20, 2018
A story about escaping from North Korea and then onto dissolving financial worries without any willpower.

#22: Smiling is a Funny Thing to Do

Sep 19, 2018
Have fun by smiling where no one else is: at the grocery store.

#21: Fluorescent Orange

Sep 19, 2018
Why fluorescent colors are weirdly bright and never made it into the rainbow.

#20: Color is a Hallucination

Sep 19, 2018
Color confused me until I realized it was fake. But it's a really interesting hallucination.

#19: (All We Are Is) Garbage in the Wind

Sep 13, 2018
Things to think about whilst eating lunch in a Walmart parking lot.

#18: What It's Like Being a 2D Object in a 3D World

Sep 12, 2018
The world is so confusing for a 2D object :(

#17: Freewill Pt 3: Rewinding the Tape

Sep 12, 2018
If you put your brain and the rest of the universe into the exact state it was before you made your last decision, can you make a different choice? If so, if it's not the things in your brain making the decision, what made the decision?

#16: Freewill Pt 2: Illusions

Sep 11, 2018
And... we're back with another episode about freewill.

#15: Feel Free to Skip This Episode About Mustaches

Sep 08, 2018
Moe told me that Burt Reynolds past away yesterday and so I should do an episode about what it's like to have a mustache.

#14: Freewill Pt 1: In the Beginning

Sep 07, 2018
Tugging at the table cloth under our most precious belief... for fun and sport!

#15: $0.50 Meal

Sep 07, 2018
I've eaten this every day for months and months on end. I'm still not bored of it.

#12: Basic Electricity: Current

Sep 05, 2018
The final episode (for now) of our riveting series about electricity.

#11: Basic Electricity: Resistance

Sep 04, 2018
Continuing with our completely engrossing series about electricity.

#10: Basic Electricity: Voltage

Aug 31, 2018
One time I was in discussion with a garbage man and we disagreed on something regarding batteries. He said "Do you even know what electricity is?" As a matter of fact, I did not. I hope this first episode of a mini-series about electricity of will help you avoid a similar fate.

#9: Rating Yourself and Others Out of Ten

Aug 31, 2018
A novel "out of 10" scale.

#8: The Simple Life Ain't So Simple

Aug 30, 2018
On minimalism.

#7: Teeny Tiny Humans

Aug 29, 2018
The first episode of an on-going series we're going to have here on the show all about funny animals and plants that used to exist on Earth.

#6: Prince Charming and Economic Collapse

Aug 29, 2018
A cautionary tale about statistics before you try to be so smart, like I was trying to be in the previous episode.

#5: The Odds of a Glass Slipper Fit

Aug 28, 2018
Calculating the probability that the romantic partner of your dreams is actually in your city.

#4: Mysterious Pounding in Your Chest

Aug 28, 2018
It's weird to live in a body not knowing how it even works.

#3: Make The Birdies Easier to Hear Again

Aug 28, 2018
What would you even ask of a genie, given a wish?

#2: Feels Like Another Friday

Aug 28, 2018
A few more ideas on how to reply to this challenging question.

#1: Feels Like A Friday!

Aug 28, 2018
Answering one of the tough questions of life: "Hey, how are you?"